GRAND Gallery WordPress Plugin

Most information about the world we get through our eyes. Therefore the power of images is irresistible. They highlight the moments of life people consider worth saving and sharing with others. Be it multimedia, commercial, cultural focused web-sites or personal blogs, a great image gallery for WordPress will brighten them even more.


Manage Galleries
You can edit photos the way you want: upload an unlimited number of images, create dozens of galleries, group pictures in slideshow, and add up to two text descriptions for each photo – GRAND FlAGallery Plugin is the smart choice…

iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry 6 and Desktop all supported!

Go beyond the limits of static presentation. Create a fresh dynamic that standard image galleries cannot provide. We will help you find a perfect solution with our powerful WordPress plugin. It is also friendly for iPad and iPhone (HTML5/Flash) and SEO optimized.

You will adore a convenient interface with helpful functions to create an image gallery with fantastic special effects. Actually our huge collection of skins and themes is ideal for creating plenty of excellent galleries making each unique. But they are still reflecting the style of your site or blog.

Explore the potential of image gallery for WordPress. The number of images uploaded in slideshow is also unlimited; again you can switch on/off slideshow automatic mode. You can shuffle images between different galleries and share each image on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. Restriction on showing images for viewing is available.

Download GRAND FlAGallery – Latest Version of Plugin

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